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Voices of Women gives a voice to the invisible, forgotten and silent heros of our country through a new weekly podcast. Our goal is to bridge the gap between women from all walks of life, sharing our life skills, dreams, challenges and hopes so we can better understand the world around us on a deep level.

We invite women who make a difference on a global scale, women in crisis, as well as women who make a difference within their local community. We’ll make it light. We’ll make it funny, with tons of serious snippets of life like you’ve never seen it before.

Voices Of Women also helps women and teenagers who have gone through various life challenges find their voice again through workshops and coaching.


By Esther Adler, author “Breaking The Chains of Freedom”

Voices Of Women Shelter Tour/Documentary

This eye opening documentary will be giving invisible, judged and suffering women a chance to be seen and heard in a way that’s never been done. We share the hearts and stories of women in shelters all over the country and how their lives are changing, what’s missing and what we can do about it.

There are three parts to this project.

1. The first goal is visiting as many shelters in the United States, share inspiration through a powerful workshop and give the residences tools they can use to start rebuilding their lives.

2. We created a podcast that is open to anyone that wants to express themselves, share their story or say whatever is on their mind. This podcast will enable the participants to move from feeling invisible and ignored to heard for maybe the first time in their lives.

3. We are filming a documentary about the homeless population, the women in particular, what causes them to end up in a shelter, what shelter life is really like, and how they are trying to rebuild their lives. We will be following several women, hear their stories, see their everyday living situation and how or if they are moving on.

What I’m looking for right now is,

1. $2,000 which will get me to my next location and help me change more lives. My goal is to raise $2,000 by April 20th.

2. I need more team members who can help this project happen.

a.Social media/Seo/marketing expert
b.film development,festival submissions
c.fundraising support

Let’s work together to bring back hope to Americans and help change a very broken system. The greatest vehicle for change is awareness. Many want to look the other way to our homeless population. Let’s help these invisible population and make America strong again!

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