Esther mixes [highlight]HI[/highlight] energy dynamic movement, dramatic storytelling and life changing ideas to help you shift from fear to love, from anger to peace. Here is a partial list of key note topics.


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  • Stepping into your Power
    [box]What if you were taught how to let go of past pain and start living from true happiness, power and freedom? In this explosive talk Esther shares with her audience how they can turn anything they are going through and fin the power within themselves to soar.[/box]
  • Breaking Free from Fear, depression, anger and guilt
    [box]Most of us don’t realize that most of our decisions in life are run by fear, anger or guilt. What if you started making every decision in life from love? Esther goes the full range in this talk, from gripping tales, to comedic examples of how she’s learned the powerful lesson of moving past your fears.[/box]
  • Grief Recovery
    [box]Esther has not just experienced every kind of loss imaginable, but she’s moved past her grief in an astounding way. Let Esther show you what grief is really about, the steps of grief, and how to move through it.[/box]
  • Embracing the Goddess Within
    [box]Esther discovered how to embrace her femininity after years of hating the very fact she was a woman. Her years of abuse and dogmatic upbringing, caused tremendous confusion to her free spirit. As Esther awakened to her truth, she discovered the power of her femininity and delved into learning every aspect of this incredible power. Her extensive dance background deepened her awareness and understanding. She now shares her discoveries and helps women embrace who they truly are.[/box]


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