Homeless shelter Harlem Staff: Ezperaza

Episode 20
Homeless Shelter Harlem Staff: Ezperaza

The staff in this NYC shelter inspires all that listen that by sharing a little bit of love and hope, it goes a long way. These dynamic, incredible workers give of themselves everyday, changing lives and bringing hope where most feel forgotten. It’s truly an inspiration to listen.
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Comedy, Motivation Where You Least Expect It: From Prison to Poetry

Episode 19
This enlightening podcast will bring you to tears as you listen to this heartfelt man who shares his difficult past, in and out of prison, bringing hope, comedy and poetry wherever he goes. He will motivate you to be bigger than you are. He reads several of his heartfelt poems to us, bringing me to tears.
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New Beginnings

Episode 18
New Beginnings

Listen to several short podcasts as one man fights with his painful past, learning to forgive himself and move on, while another learns to let go of the pain inflicted on him over 40 years ago.
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Turning Substance Abuse To Healing Others

Episode 9

In this entertaining podcast listen as several shelter residents share their stories of physical and emotional trauma, a past with substance abuse, and how they all were able to take their past and use it to help others. Each one of these residents were on their way to creating a better life for themselves while they work on helping those around them. Extremely entertaining and touching.

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Hell or Heaven? Skid Row

Episode 8
Skid Row Shelter

Here two women from very different backgrounds share how they ended up in skid row and what has changed for them since. Listen how at times we laugh, cry and console one another in one of the most powerful shares yet.
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Homelessness Turned To Angel

Episode 6
Homelessness Turned To Angel

Before giving my talk and sharing some yoga and movement with the residents of this shelter, two amazing staff members shared with me some insights of shelter life, what causes homelessness and more.
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Time For Change

Episode 5
Time for Change
Recap of San Bernardino’s Shelter Visit

Here Esther shares her experience in a homeless women’s shelter in the San Bernardino area of CA. Although she was suppose to do a live podcast with the women, that quickly changed when one of the employee’s told us the podcast wasn’t cleared properly. So instead Esther recounts the whole experience, her thoughts and what she needs from you.
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