Stepping into your Power

A three and a half day retreat in the mountains where you’ll experience on a cellular level changes in the body through Esther’s training in self development, acting and dance she’s designed a unique program that takes you on a journey of finding the goddess within. Esther uses powerful movement, Neural Linguistic Programing, EFT and many more tools designed to shine a mirror on what’s holding you back.

We will have a leading Business trainer who will delve into business strategies that focuses on creating a business the feminine way and succeeding without losing your femininity and sensuality.

We will focus on your image from an internal perspective to the more external. The way your present yourself to the world is a direct reflection of how you think about yourself. We will explore every part of you from head to toe and create the you, you want to show the world and want to be.

Let’s not forget the sensual part of you, discovering little things you do, your body language, that changes you from no attention, lack of passion at home to a magnet wherever you show up.

We take the best of the best in sensuality/femininity dance moves, everything from Fosse,Pole,Burlesque and Strip Tease getting your heart pumping, your body sweating and leaving you tingling with teasing delights for your partner. You will not just walk out feeling like a totally new woman you will forever be changed by your strut, your talk and how you look with such confidence, grabbing the opposite sex’s attention!

Come experience this new sexy, invigorating workshop where we explore the deepest part of our femininity. We will get in touch with our true sensuality and goddess self through many different movement exercises, deep body language processes and get to the bottom of why you hold yourself back. We will play, share and discover how beautiful and powerful you really are.

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