Reach Your New Summit

Come experience a life changing climb at Colorodo’s most well travelled mountain, Pike’s Peak with Esther

You will not just be challenged physically but Esther will push you to new heights in every area of your life. You will reach the summit as a completely new person!

We will meet the morning before our climb, spending the day mentally, physically and emotionally preparing ourselves through cutting edge processes, yoga, movement and techniques to help set ourselves free. Our climb will begin early the following morning, through the windy famous Incline, and on until Barre Camp at 10,000 feet, where we settle for the for the night. We continue our climb to the summit the next morning and celebrate in a special, unique way.

On our travel down the mountain we will continue to discover how to access true freedom and learn a movement meditation to ALWAYS get you there. We will spend another night at Barre camp before heading down the mountain early the next morning in a continued exploring of our true power. We will end our journey together exploring Garden Of The Gods, continuing our movement contemplation. You will not just get in touch with nature, but with your body soul, in the most exhilarating way.

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