A Day of partnered Connection – Early Bird Special Valentines!

Battling Happiness In Your Relationships

Have you ever wondered what you can do differently in order to make a failing relationship work? Do you feel like you've tried everything, but nothing seems to help? You're not alone. I would venture to say almost every household has at least one relationship that seems to have struggles, no matter what those in […] Read More

Listen To Me Dammit

One of the key things to a thriving, happy relationship is the art of Listening. From the time we are born we are taught to walk, speak, play, write, do math and many other important skills. But almost no one is taught how to communicate effectively, how to listen and how to create a lasting […] Read More

Forgiveness; A New Beginning

Forgiveness is something we all like to think we can easily practice, yet many times struggle with in the course of our lives. No matter how trivial or astronomical of a problem, we tend to hold onto our judgements, anger and even hatred. Why is that, when most of us think of ourselves as loving […] Read More

Thankful Stress

November is upon us and with it comes the stream of holidays. I've already seen Christmas decorations up and Thanksgiving hasn't even come and passed. The holidays swings everyone into a rush of conflicting emotions,  joy, love and for many stress and depression. The holiday season is a reminder of what we have to be […] Read More

Holding onto debilitating thoughts

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about coping and handling injustices in life. What I've found to be true in life is, The way we do anything is the way we do everything. When struggles and what we deem injustices happen we all react and handle them differently. The truth is the way […] Read More

Guest Post Karen McMahon: Free Ebook For Navigating Your Divorce

Here is a wonderful guide to those beginning the separation and divorce process from my friend Karen McMahon, divorce coach extraordinaire. A Road Map for Navigating Your Divorce Every step of divorce from the moment you consider your marriage may be over to the signing of the final divorce agreement awash in emotions such as […] Read More

What Happens to Your Debt When You Get Divorced?

Guest Post by Debt.org Divorce can be a harrowing ordeal, and the state of your debts may not be a top priority during this time. But sorting out your debts now can save you from a lot of grief in years to come and can prevent certain negative information from appearing on your credit report […] Read More

If I Wanted To Leave, Then Why Do I Feel So Horrible?

Divorce is one of the greatest stressors experienced today. What many people don't realize is even though it's something they wanted, grief is a natural response. The simple reason that it's new, different and maybe putting the divorcee in many unknown beginnings. This alone will create sheer terror. Fear is a result of walking into […] Read More